First Day

December 17, 2010

I wasn’t sure if anyone would download the Brand Name Space Game Beta app after I submitted it to the Beta distribution channel.  It’s difficult to tell how many webOS users even know about the Beta channel because the Beta apps don’t show up in the official App Catalog.  Anyway, there were 150 downloads the first day, which suprised me as being a fairly large number.  Two users wrote reviews which had valuable feedback.

One user mentioned that the game seemed boring toward the end because there is no music.  This is a good observation: the addition of some good music during the boss fights would add quite a bit of attention.  I haven’t implemented gameplay music because I’m not sure how to handle streaming sounds with the SDL library yet: the title screen music is just loaded into memory and played, but that’s not really a good solution for gameplay music because it would take more memory than I’d like.  I’ll need to make it a priority to work out the details and get some music in the game.

Another user said that shooting wasn’t consistent.  I’m assuming the user meant that touching the screen to shoot didn’t cause your ship to shoot all the time, and I’m guessing that’s due to the somewhat small area of the screen where a touch will initiate shooting.  I just increased the size: now the entire bottom right quarter of the screen can be used to shoot.  I hope this addresses the issue.

I really appreciate the reviews and the feedback that these users supplied and I’m going to prioritize getting fixes for the issues into the next version.

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