November 30, 2010

In the last couple weeks, I’ve fleshed out a couple levels and added a second boss.  At this point, I think there’s enough content to call it Alpha (all the functionality is implemented, but not all the levels are in place.

I’ve been working on writing scripts to automate the build/package process so I can automatically create a package file and back up all the source data to make it easy to go back to a given version.  I wrote a Python script to do it all.  This is the first time I’ve used Python for anything serious, and it works pretty well.  In the past, I’ve used Perl for things like this, but I thought I’d give Python a try this time.

My build script interfaces with Mercurial to grab the latest copy of the source code and to generate a version number.  It then builds the executable using gnu make,strips the symbols for the final build, copies data files to a staging directory,then uses Palm-provided batch files to create the ipk file that’s used to install the app to the device.  The script makes a backup of all the necessary files so I should be able to track down a bug in an old version fairly easily.

I’m planning to put the game up on the Beta feed shortly, when I work out whether I can use my current Palm developer account or not.  I’m going to avoid putting my name on the game, but I set up my developer account with my real name.  So I need to see if I can change it or if I need to set up a new developer account.

I just need to finish up putting the credits into the game to fulfill the requirements of the Creative Commons Attribution license under which the art and audio assets are distributed.

Without any marketing effort, I don’t expect many people to see this version of the game, but I’m hoping there are some people with webOS devices that check the Beta feed regularly and might be interested in trying out a new game.

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