Game Assets

November 30, 2010

The game assets (artwork, audio, etc.) for Brand Name Space Game are all either free,using a Creative Commons license that allows commercial use, or created by me.  This was pretty much the only way I could achieve my budget goal of $0 (that budget excludes my time,of course).

A number of talented artists and sound designers have made assets available to anyone, even for commercial use, via the Creative Commons Attribution licenses.  See and specifically or information about the license.  It allows works to be used by anyone as long as the work is properly attributed.  My game has several credits screens that supply those attributions along with links to the creator’s pages.  I’ll put up attributions on the web site also.

There’s a treasure trove of great scifi-themed pixel art, free to use, at  It looks like there’s a some other fantasy-themed art there, too, but I haven’t look at that much.  The scifi stuff is what I use for just about all my artwork in Brand NameSpace Game.

There are a ton of sound samples available under the Creative Commons Attribution license at  It takes a while to sift through all the sounds and settle on ones that sound good, but it’s well worth it.

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